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Paul Mengert and AMG Make Business Education More Productive

December 28, 2018

From the perspective of Paul Mengert, founding AMG (Association Management Group) in his hometown of Greensboro was a natural decision, borne out of his desire to give back to his community. Paul also teaches classes as part of a Management Development Program for Harvard Business School Alumni Association in Greensboro, which means dozens of companies have sent executives to Paul Mengert’s Management Development Program, including Microsoft, Bank of America, and Pfizer, among others, as well as AMG.

Paul Mengert still teaches classes that are routinely used for continuing education credits by many diverse groups all over the country, from the the North Carolina Board of Realtors to the Florida Bureau of Condominiums to the California Department of Real Estate and many more. Education is a central part of the life of the people of Greensboro, North Carolina, which is why Paul Mengert feels an obligation to give back. Paul majored in Political Science and Communications at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro when he was young and he has since devoted the bulk of his career to training and education.